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SHION RAY is a DJ/MUISC PRODUCER from Agartala Tripura. He is the first Youngest DJ in his state at the age of 12. Shion Ray has been performing in his city for over 9 years. He started his Music career at the age of 14. Ray was always interested in music. 

If we talk about his music production, He has created/produced various Music from Bollywood, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Podcasts. Some of them were his podcasts and some were in partnership with other famous artists. If we talk about his gigs, at a minimal age attended the concerts like By NIT College, HCS School, SDDKBM School. etc. RAY'S have done more over 30+shows in ( Sip and Savour Club). The fearless Shion Ray, Originally Sourav is an Upcoming talent of the industry. Finally, Shion ray had also been part of the projects Like Terrace Land. All in all, a small pack and Big fun kind of Guy is none other than Shion Ray.

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